Recently, on 09-10 / 9/2018, Tourism Development Center has welcomed and guided the Famtrip tour of Unesco Travel Club to survey, experience the products floating tourism in the area. , tourist spots in the province.

Hanoi Unesco Travel Club is a unit of Hanoi Unesco Association. This is a club of businesses and individuals operating in the field of travel from the provinces and cities in the country. Targeted is the survey of new tourism products of Dong Thap province, especially products from the floating season program; It is also a bridge to promote and introduce Dong Thap images to domestic and foreign tourists.

During the tour, the delegation was able to experience three-sided canoeing and carrying out the livelihoods of flood-dwellers such as fishing, netting, roofing, setting aside, eel shelter … at Melaleuca National Park. Birds, visit the Xeo Quit base; Visit the Nguyen Sinh Sac monument, visit the ancient village of Hoa An, Phuong Nam Cultural Tourism and visit the Sa Dec Flower Village – the country of hundreds of species …

On the occasion of the survey, in the evening of 9th September at Sao Mai Hotel there was a meeting, exchange between organizations, tourism enterprises and tourist resorts in the province with members of the delegation. Famtrip Hanoi Travel Club.

Through this trip, the Hanoi Travel Club will have more information to build the specific tourism products in Dong Thap as well as link tours, routes to land Sen Hong.


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