All homestay destinations in Tam Nong and Sa Dec districts are packed. Experience attractions, sightseeing relics (KDT), … in the province also attracts tens of thousands of visitors in 3 days holiday.
On National Day 2/9, KDT Nguyen Sinh Sac welcomed over 2,700 visitors to visit the grave vice and visit the monument. Most visitors are visitors outside the province.
On the 2/9 holidays, Nguyen Sinh Sac KDT serves visitors, exhibits the exhibition activities, exhibition art pictures “Dong Thap on the development”; “Sunshine lotus”; calligraphy, … In addition, KDT also organizes guests to stay and eat food activities with the folk food of the southern country such as pancakes, rice crackers, powdered rice crackers, …
The activities are fun and meaningful for visitors to understand the cultural and historical values ​​of Nguyen Sinh Sac’s Deputy Grave and the images of the Land of the Pink Lotus. At the same time, the security, order and safety of fire and explosion prevention during the holidays are well ensured.
Xo Que Quat Resort, Giong Giong eco-tourist resort (KDL Giong Resort), My Xuong mango garden (Cao Lanh district), Go Thap street, Kedong Thap Muoi, have welcomed nearly 8,000 visitors. sightseeing activities, canoeing, folk games, cuisine, …
Le Hoang Long, Director of Tram Chim Resort, said that the holiday season of 2/9 this year, Tram Chim welcomed nearly 5200 domestic and foreign visitors (up 8% over the same period, revenue increased 29%), of which more than 150 visitors to visit bird breeding.
Come to Tram Chim, visitors to the bird showroom, visit by tram, boat, boat, … On this occasion, KDL put into operation 2 classic electric cars contribute new and create interest. animals for tourists.
From August 31st to September 3rd, the private fishing spot in Tam Nong district attracts 150 visitors from Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho City, Ha Noi, Ha Tinh, Vinh Long. , And visitors from Belgium. Little Bey – the owner of the private fisheye, said the number of guests to stay is very crowded, room reservation. In addition, there are a lot of visitors to the homestay of uncle to visit, experience.
Similarly, due to the occasion of 2/9 this year the number of visitors to the city of Sa Dec is very crowded so the homestay in the city of Sa Dec has not enough room to serve guests.
Hung, the owner of the Frog’s House, said that his family’s living space can accommodate up to 34 guests a day, but more than 50 guests make a reservation each day. Therefore, he must find a reputable hotel in the area to help introduce guests to stay. Although not participating in the stay, but over the past 3 days there are over 500 guests to visit and enjoy the restaurant cuisine at Frog House.
According to Huu Nghia –

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