In that house almost a century ago, Huynh Thuy Le man woven cross-border love with French girl Marguerite Duras. A romantic love between two different cultures in the context of Vietnam at that time.
Huynh Thuy Le ancient house is located at 255A Nguyen Hue Street, Ward 2, Sa Dec Town, Dong Thap Province, Vietnam. In addition to the combination of East-West architecture, the old house is famous for its relationship with a borderless romance of a French girl (Marguerite Duras, later a writer) and a Vietnamese boy Hoa family (Huynh Thuy Le, the host) was rich in the early 20th century.
As an arrangement of fate, the daughter of Vietnam living in the river of sobriety, beautiful and beautiful life now does not make Huynh Thuy Le vibration. But irony he must fall in love with the white girl has just stepped through age 15 from the first encounter a lot of confused bit shy.
That girl is no other than the female writer Marguerite Duras childhood. Marguerite Duras, whose real name is Marguerite Donnadieu, was born into a highly educated family when her father was a math teacher and her mother was an elementary school teacher. Her family is not very wealthy if not wanting to say is somewhat lacking and that is also one of the reasons that the love affair not registered between her and Huynh Thuy Le broken.
“Marguerite Duras was just 15 years old, her family moved to Sa Dec. And on the ferry Vinh Long Sa Dec, destined for Huynh Thuy Le and Marguerite Duras see each other. It is very fragile, bright and strange of Marguerite Duras that Huynh Thuy Le must shake and hesitated to step up to familiarize. From that moment on, both of them knew only of the existence of the enemy, which did not regret the airy, immense and noisy people on the ferry.
However, the practices surrounding patronage have raised the barrier and attempted to separate two hearts that were thirsting, burned and burned apart. The romance and burning of the female writer with the rich son of the boy has met with the vehement opposition of two families by the concept of patronage as well as differences in class and large disparities. materialistic. Father Huynh Thuy Le, in addition to being a pure Chinese, he was a landowner with money, he can not accept a poor foreign daughter in law. In the meantime, her mother suggested that an amphibious family could have little involvement with the colonies, rather than having a close relationship.
After a year and a half of loving each other, Huynh Thuy Le had to marry another girl in the rejoicing of the family. Particularly female writer Duras, quietly, she boarded a train to France with her family at the age of 18, ending sad for a beautiful love. On leaving, she tried to linger at the pier to find her last lover before her eyes, nothing but empty space,
For more than 50 years embracing romantic feelings, she wrote Love novels with heart and tears. It was the love story of her and the boy named Huynh in Sa Dec. In 1984, Marguerite Duras received the prestigious Goncourt Prize for Best French Prose in France. Later, the novel was translated into 43 languages ​​and staged into L’Amant.
Today, this ancient house is recognized as a national historical monument, managed by Dong Thap Tourism Joint Stock Company. Every day, there are many domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Visitors come here to see the portrait and the residence of the famous French writer Marguerite Duras. This place contains all the documents related to Huynh Thuy Le and his family as well as pictures recalling old love affair.
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