The Dong Thap Provincial People’s Committee has just announced the change of the time for organizing the 1st Dong Thap Sen Festival in 2018.
According to Plan No 119 / KH-UBND dated 04/5/2018 of People’s Committee of Dong Thap province, the duration of Festival activities is from 18 to 20/20/2018. However, due to time, location and adverse weather conditions during the Sen Festival activities; To ensure the scale and maximize the effectiveness of the activities organized at the Festival, the Festival Organization changed the time of holding the 1st Dong Thap Festival in 2018 in early September, Organizers will announce details when the official festival is held.
Nguyen Toan
First Festival of Sen Dong Thap in 2018, with the theme “Pink Lotus”, Dong Thap People’s Committee in collaboration with Joint Stock Company Management and Development of real estate Vietnam. , take place at Van Mieu Park, Xeo Quit vestige area and Go Thap relic area – Thap Muoi lotus with activities such as: hosting the food court – souvenir – specialties from lotus; The contest on lotus – lotus flower art; Photography contest on sen; Dong Thap Sen Exhibition; Sen talks in spirit; Uncle Ho’s art performance and design, festive decoration; folk games …
The festival is an occasion to honor the lotus, promote the cultural and economic value of products processed from Dong Thap lot, promote the development of lotus agriculture associated with creating local image and construction. Specific products, attracting domestic and international visitors to visit Dong Thap tourism, contributing to the socio-economic development of the local.

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